Business Intelligence Consulting & Analytics 

AT PIVOTL we design, develop, deploy, and support enterprise-level business analytics for small to midsize organizations. Our easy-to-use, interactive dashboards and reports give you the ability to measure, manage, and improve performance across your entire operation.

Business Intelligence Consulting & Analytics

AT PIVOTL we design, develop, deploy, and support enterprise-level business analytics for small to midsize organizations. Our easy-to-use, interactive dashboards and reports give you the ability to measure, manage, and improve performance across your entire operation.

Combine & Analyze Hundreds of Data Sources


Professional BI Consulting

Our team has the knowledge, experience, and character needed to guide your analytics project to completion. We will help you design and implement a world-class BI strategy in the most cost-effective way possible.

Enterprise-Level Analytics

Whether you need a custom solution or a turn-key package—our interactive dashboards and reports give you immediate access to the insight you need to make smart, data-driven decisions that improve your bottom line.

Ongoing Service & Support

Our Software as a Service (SaaS) business model means you have ongoing access to our expert analytics team. We’ll keep you informed of new features and best-practices, and provide technical support should the need arise.

Fully Customizable Dashboard & Reports


Business Analytics

Interact and investigate your data like never before. PIVOTL Analytics incorporates interactive timelines, slicers, charts, graphs, maps and tables that allow you to group, sort and filter information across an unlimited number of parameters. Combine and analyze sales, marketing, service, accounting, and any other operational data used across your organization.

Non-Profit Analytics Suite

Take your fundraising to a whole new level. This turn-key package of interactive development dashboards and reports allow you to cross analyze donors, campaigns, appeals, and team members against predefined targets and previous performance. Identify opportunities for targeted outreach to new, lapsed, growing, reengaged, and at-risk donors.

Our Business Intelligence Consulting Process

Our team has developed a proven process designed to help you implement an analytics solution that unlocks the insight your data holds. We will guide you through the digital maze, avoid common pitfalls, see around corners, and arrive at your data destination—on time and within budget.

Free Needs Analysis

Preliminary needs assessment and KPI recommendations.

Audit & Analytics Consulting

Detailed process audit, project plan, and conceptual data model.

Data Modeling in Power BI

Integrate all information sources into a single, unified data model.

Dashboard & Report Design

Custom calculations and visualizations analyzing what matters most.

Deployment & Training

In-person or video-based training. Secure access via web, tablet and smartphone.

PIVOTL Analytics SaaS

Subscription-based service model, limiting upfront investment.

Marketing ROI Analysis

Sales Team Analysis

Profit & Loss Analysis

Revenue Analysis

Customer Analysis

Scenario Analysis

Interactive Demo Showcase

The fastest way to learn about our analytics is to see them for yourself. Explore a few examples of how we can harness data from multiple sources, and transform that information into the business insight you need to drive meaningful results.

Built on the Industry’s Leading BI Platform

Your analytics are only as good as the business intelligence platform upon which they are built. Click the link below to learn about PIVOTL’s industry-leading solution, and discover the top nine reasons we feel it is the absolute best choice for our most demanding clients.

Increase Revenue

Measure and manage the key performance metrics that drive your revenue. Run powerful what-if scenarios and calculate the ROI on your Sales and Marketing investments.

Reduce Expenses

Leverage interactive financial statements to gain clear insight into your performance across business segments and take proactive steps to lower expenses, stay on budget, and maintain liquidity.

Minimize Risk

Quickly identify the contributing factors for lost sales, returned products, unhappy customers, etc. in order to isolate the root cause and take corrective action.

Save Time

Eliminate the time and labor wasted generating static reports and spreadsheets, and shift your focus to the high-value activities that fuel profitability.

Trusted by Businesses & Non-Profits 

PIVOTL built our company suite of subcontractor tools that evaluate and rank the performance of hundreds of service contractors across five divisions of our company. This allows our managers to quickly identify and reward top performers while conducting rapid root-cause analysis when problems arise. PIVOTL's analytics have enabled us to dramatically reduce customer turnover and increase our profit margin.

~ Mathew Budnick, Director of Operations

The real estate investment dashboard that PIVOTL created for Mobile Direct aggregates the performance of multiple, highly-sophisticated investment models—providing our team with detailed metrics about each asset and investor in our portfolio. Quarterly performance reports now take us minutes instead of days thanks to PIVOTL.

~ DJ Burke, President

PIVOTL’s Non-Profit Analytics have transformed the way we manage our fundraising activities at Casa Teresa. Shaun and his team designed 15 custom, interactive dashboards and reports that integrate with our existing Bloomerang Donor Management software—opening up a whole new level of visibility into our development data. Not only can we instantly track real-time progress toward our annual fundraising goals, but we can immediately identify which donors to engage with specific campaigns and appeals. I highly recommend PIVOTL to any non-profit looking to take their fundraising to a higher level.

~ Lisa Wood, CEO

Start building your business
intelligence, today!

With the industry’s leading analytics platform and the PIVOTL development team behind you, building an interactive and easy-to-use business intelligence solution has never been faster or more cost-effective. What are we waiting for?