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Now, more than ever, charitable organizations need to make the most of their fundraising investments and initiatives.

Development teams need to quickly analyze donor activity and identify those who have the capacity and motivation to give to their cause. They also need to track the results of their key fundraising initiatives and accurately gauge the performance of team members across a wide variety of metrics.


Unfortunately, many donor management systems lack a robust, affordable, and easy-to-use analytics solution that would enable fundraisers to make these sort of smart, data-driven decisions that lead to greater donations. Or, if their fundraising CRM does have an analytics module/add-on, it is often unintuitive, difficult to use, hard to configure, or cost-prohibitive.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise since most donor management software providers (rightly) focus on their core-competency of constituent engagement—not enterprise-level analytics—which is a separate discipline altogether. As a result, they do a great job of collecting constituent data, engaging donors through email, and recording donations, but they lack the functionality required to unleash the development insights locked within their system.


With PIVOTL Non-Profit Analytics, we tap into this data and analyze it through over a dozen interactive dashboards and reports that come right out of the box. We also have to ability completely brand and customize the solution to meet each nonprofit’s unique requirements and organizational structure.

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