Enterprise-Level Analytics for Your Existing Fundraising & Donor Management Software

PIVOTL Analytics seamlessly integrate with your existing solution to unleash the wealth of rich development data locked inside. Our fundraising-specific package comes with over a dozen interactive, turn-key dashboards that can be customized to meet your unique requirements.

Increase Donations

Analyze donor activity and identify opportunities for targeted outreach to new, lapsed, growing, reengaged, and at-risk donors.

Track Everything

Track performance against set targets and previous results. Analyze by donor type, campaign, appeal or virtually any other recorded attribute or detail.

Analyze Your Team

Gain a comprehensive view of fundraising KPIs across your entire organization while being able to drill down into the results and rankings of individual team members.

Accurately Calculate ROI

Merge marketing, CRM and accounting data to calculate the true return on your fundraising investments.

Analyze Fundraising Across Any Timeline

Track and compare performance year-to-date or period-over-period. Select from a combination of drop-down menus and timeline slicers to filter down to the specific dates you want to analyze.

Track Performance Against Preset Targets

Monitor every aspect of your performance against the fundraising goals your organization has set for the selected period.

Compare Performance Over Periods

Track donors and donations against the same period in the previous year, quarter, month, etc., and calculate the overall period-over-period growth and growth rate.

Analyze Donations by Any Trackable Metric

There is no limit to what performance indicators you can track. Whether its campaigns, appeals, amounts or any combination of donor demographics, if you are capturing the attribute, we can analyze it.

Compare Team Member Performance

Collectively analyze metrics like total and average donations, year-over-year growth, target variance, etc., then individually rank the members of your Development Team by each performance indicator.

Identify Lapsed, At-Risk & Reengaged Donors

Leverage powerful tactical reporting tools that enable you to instantly identify a specific subset of donors, and engage those individuals and organizations with a targeted message or appeal.

Calculate the Return on Your Investments

Compare the itemized development costs associated with campaigns, events, salary, technology, etc. to the fundraising revenue they generate, and calculate an accurate return on investment for each initiative and resource.

Connect to Almost Any Donor Management Solution

raisers edge
salesforce for nonprofits
little green light
salsa crm
network for good

Get the Most From Your Fundraising Analytics

PIVOTL’s Non-Profit Analytics have transformed the way we manage our fundraising activities at Casa Teresa. Shaun and his team designed 15 custom, interactive dashboards and reports that integrate with our existing Bloomerang Donor Management software—opening up a whole new level of visibility into our development data. Not only can we instantly track real-time progress toward our annual fundraising goals, but we can immediately identify which donors to engage with specific campaigns and appeals. I highly recommend PIVOTL to any non-profit looking to take their fundraising to a higher level.
~ Lisa Wood, CEO

Fundraising Analytics Case Study

Learn how Casa Teresa, a 45 year old non-profit, leverages PIVOTL Analytics to take its development program to a new level.

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